Calibration out of tolerance (OoT) – what does it mean and what to do next?


Calibration Out of Tolerance – what does it mean and what to do next?

What is an OoT (Out of Tolerance) calibration, what does it mean and what should you do next if you run into an OoT situation? An out of tolerance calibration can have a very dramatic effect, or no effect at all, depending on various parameters that are discussed in this white paper.

The focus of this article is mainly for the world of process industry, but most of the principles are valid also elsewhere.

Read this white paper and learn:

  • Definition of Out of Tolerance
  • What tolerance level is used?
  • How the uncertainty should be taken into account
  • Determination of the criticality
  • Where in the traceability chain did OoT happen?
  • When did the OoT happen?
  • Impact analysis – what are the consequences?
  • Quality assurance considerations
  • Summary

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