Eat the world

Using the right tools for the job is the secret to calibration success


Antonio Vega | Calibration Supervisor New England Controls, Inc. (NECI)


“Comerse el mundo” or “eat the world” is an expression that means “great work”. 

In this presentation, Antonio discusses how using the right tools for the job can help you eat the world.

He will share real-world examples of how multi-functional and accurate tools can easily solve even the most seemingly complex calibration issues.  How can working with the best calibrator help you achieve amazing results and “eat the world”? Listen in and find out.

Antonio Vega, Calibration Supervisor for New England Controls Inc., has more than 16 years experience in instrumentation/calibration, industrial mechanics, industrial control, and calibration management systems. Antonio has performed root cause analysis, troubleshooting, calibration, gas monitoring, tank level monitoring, and more for industries including power generation, LNG plants, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage. 

Learn more about the achievements at new England controls, inc.

See how they were able to:

  • Double productivity
  • Save millions in start-up delays
  • Reduce maintenance time and cost

Read the NECI Case Story



This recording is from the 2021 Beamex Annual Calibration Exchange (ACE). 

Other topics covered in this two-day event include:

How to transition from paper-based CMMS to calibration software
Addressing educational gaps in automation today
CMMS and calibration management integration
Multi-variable flowmeter best practices
And much more!

You can watch all recordings via the ACE Video Landing Page.


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