Improving the business of calibration service companies with modern calibration technology


About this on-demand webinar

In this webinar we dived into the world of modern calibration technology and discovered how it can revolutionize the business of calibration service companies. Explore exciting possibilities to drive your business growth.

The live webinar took place on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 4:00 PM (EEST, UTC/GMT+3).

For more information about the agenda and speakers, read on below.

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Welcome and overview of the calibration service industry’s current landscape and challenges
The needs of modern service companies
Exploring the specific challenges that calibration service companies face today
Success story
Douglas Calibration Services shares how they built a fully digital calibration process with Beamex software
Deep dive into calibration software
Insights into the features and benefits of Beamex LOGiCAL
Live demo
An online demonstration of LOGiCAL in action, highlighting key functionalities and best practices
Q&A session
Our experts give answers to all your questions

Why watch?

Efficiency: Learn how modern calibration technologies can enhance efficiency by streamlining processes to save time and cut human errors.

Industry insights: Hear a success story from a calibration service company that improved their business with modern calibration technology.

Live demo: See a live demo of a modern calibration management software in action.

Questions & Answers: Ask questions to our customers from Douglas Calibration Services or discuss anything calibration.


Calibration service companies

In today's competitive market, calibration service companies are on the lookout for ways to boost efficiency, accuracy and customer reach.

Our webinar offers insight into cutting-edge technologies that streamline operations and open new opportunities for growth. Learn from industry experts and a case study how digital calibration technologies can revolutionize your calibration service business.

Discover actionable strategies, witness a live demo and understand how to utilise these innovations for enhanced growth and efficiency. 

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Meet your presenters

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Richard O’Meara

Contracts Manager, Douglas Calibration Services

Richard will present their company's success story, offering a real-world perspective on the transformative impact of modern calibration solutions.

Farrelly, Aidan

Aidan Farrelly

Calibration Consultant, Beamex UK & Ireland

An expert in calibration service requirements, Aidan will discuss the critical role of advanced calibration solutions in enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Mäkynen, Antti

Antti Mäkynen

Product Manager, Beamex

Specializing in the needs of calibration services, Antti will share insights into the development and benefits of Beamex's innovative products.

Lassila, Ville

Ville Lassila

Team Leader, Customer Success

Ville will conduct the live demonstration of LOGiCAL, showcasing its capabilities and how it meets the demands of today’s calibration service companies.

Who should watch?

  • Managers and executives managing calibration operations and looking for efficiency enhancements.
  • Technicians and engineers performing calibrations and looking for better ways to calibrate.
  • Quality and IT professionals interested in improvement possibilities and modern digitalized calibration processes.



Using Beamex LOGiCAL has allowed us to switch to fully paperless calibration certificates, which means our field service technicians are approximately 30 to 40% more efficient. Automating our calibration process has also helped reduce potential errors.

Richard O’ Meara Contracts Manager, Douglas Calibration Services, Jones Engineering Group, Ireland

Why Beamex LOGiCAL?


Intuitive user experience

Designed for ease of use with a user-friendly interface, ensuring quick adoption and minimal training requirements. Accelerate your calibration tasks with intuitive navigation.

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Streamlined calibration processes

Enhance efficiency with automated calibration workflows, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors. Perfect for industries demanding precision and reliability.


Comprehensive data management

Centralize your calibration data with secure cloud storage for easy access and analysis. Facilitate accurate decision-making and enhances operational efficiency.