Thermocouple cold (reference) junction compensation

Thermocouple cold junction compensation - Beamex white paper

Thermocouple cold junction

Thermocouples are very commonly used temperature sensors in processes. Thermocouples seem like very simple simple sensors to use, but the importance of the cold junction (reference junction) if too often forgotten and this causes error in the measurement.

Read this white paper and learn for example about:
  • How does a thermocouple work?
  • Thermocouple types and materials
  • Thermocouple’s thermovoltage
  • Seebeck coefficients
  • Cold junction compensation methods:
    1. 1. Cold junction in ice-bath
    2. 2. Cold junction in a known, fixed temperature
    3. 3. Measure the temperature of the cold junction
    4. 4. Automatic on-line compensation in the measuring device

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