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The Beamex Annual Calibration Exchange (ACE)


For the first time ever, Beamex, along with a panel of subject matter experts in the calibration field, presented the 2020 Annual Calibration Exchange as a virtual event.   Now you have the opportunity to (re)watch all of the informative presentations, detailed content and first-hand demonstrations at your convenience.  Enjoy!


Got to hear real world issues from other experienced technicians.
Herman Yellowhair
Salt River Project
The presenters were very knowledgeable and passionate about their work.
Duy Doan
Overall I found the presenters to be very knowledgeable and offered practical field experience that can help with day to day job.
Peter Langlais
Rhodes Technologies
All of you did great job. Thanks for all the information!
Steve Hughes
CI Power
Automating Calibration
& Maintenance Inspections –
A Technician’s Perspective

Presented by: George Lister, Del Mar College (50 minutes)

CMMS and calibration management integration

Presented by: Patrick Zhao, Braskem America (25 minutes)

To calibrate or not to calibrate

Presented by: Hunter Vegas, Wunderlick-Malec (20 minutes)

Impact of digitization on the process industry

Presented by: Ned Espy & Roy Tomalino, Beamex (35 minutes)

Round table discussion
Presented by: ACE Subject Matter Experts (50 minutes)
Calibration and Trim Temperature & Pressure Transmitter 

Presented by: Roy Tomalino, Beamex (50 minutes)

Day Two

Multi-variable smart transmitter calibration

Presented by: Joe Heitz, Emerson Automation Solutions (Retired) (1 hour)

Logistics of calibration

Presented by: Hunter Vegas, Wunderlick-Malec (30 minutes)

Calibration system integrations

Presented by: Dan Martin, Nestle (45 minutes)

Custody transfer issues and a modern calibration program

Presented by: Kevin Ashford, Exxon Mobil (40 minutes)

Round table discussion Day 2

Presented by: ACE Subject Matter Experts (50 minutes)

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