Weighing scale calibration – How to calibrate weighing instruments


Weighing instruments/scales/balances, are widely used in industry for various measurements.

As with any measurement instruments, weighing instruments should also be calibrated regularly to ensure that they are measuring correctly and accurately. A proper metrologically traceable calibration is the only way to know how accurately weighing instruments are measuring.

In this white paper, the main focus is to look at the practical considerations and the different tests you should perform when calibrating your weighing instruments.

Different tests discussed in this white paper include:

  • Preparations before calibration
  • Eccentricity test
  • Repeatability test
  • Weighing test
  • Minimum weight test
  • Other tests

Other topics include:

  • Weights
  • Calibration certificate
  • Uncertainty
  • Instrument classes, tolerance classes, max permissible error
  • Related references

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